Weekly Announcements

New Beginnings Community Baptist Church Weekly Announcements
June 10, 2018

Grace and joy to you family these are your announcements for the month of June.

The NBCBC summer schedule is upon us, and there will be No children's church, youth church, or nursery for June and July.

The entire family will worship together, in all 3 services, giving all church staff children workers the time to enjoy their families and rest from their labors.

The women's ministry division of New Beginnings proudly presents "dogs for dads", a Father's Day lunch extravaganza. 
12 o'clock noon to 1:00 pm on Father's Day!This special luncheon is being prepared for the men of New Beginnings and their special guests. 
Please bring a brother from the community that you know needs the love of Jesus Christ. There will be plenty to eat and lots of love and fellowship.

On June 23rd The angelos biblical institute presents it's summer 28:19 expository preaching and teaching workshop. 
10:00 AM to 2:00 PM the workshop will include sermon & lesson development, word study, illustration comparisons, developing the sermon application, understanding the culture in context, and syntax and grammar formation.

The workshop presenters will be:

Dr. Wilson of the New Beginnings Church
Pastor Rodney Croom first Baptist Palm Springs
Bishop CE Dickerson of the Pearly Grove Baptist Church
Pastor Brian Brewer, of the St. Joseph Baptist Church, and 
Rev Roderick Cochran, of the New Beginnings Church.

The work shop is free and open to preachers and teachers of the Bible.

On June 24 at 3:00 PM Pastor Wilson is asking for the sanctuary choir and as many members of the NBC family to join him in the celebration of the St. Joseph Baptist church anniversary.

Pastor Wilson will be bringing the 3 o'clock message and encouraging the church in the work of Mission and evangelism.

Attention all marriage enrichment couples: please join us Sunday morning for our 9 AM life group connections.

This summer session will be taught by Rev. Leighton Tong and his lovely wife Caryn Tong. The end of the summer session will be a marriage retreat in Las Vegas. 
Join us for a wonderful time of fellowship with sister churches as we strengthen our bonds in marriage.

These have been your announcements for the month of June, please govern yourself accordingly.


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