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Evangelism Ministry

Operation good news is a nonprofit Christian evangelism ministry for the local church. It is affiliated with the Angelos biblical Institute and a collaborative for the local church with a call to reach the lost with a good new News of Jesus Christ. The 24-month campaign host events monthly online and on land. Training seminars, conferences, prayer meetings and compassion events all encompass the OGN strategy and operation for Christian service. Every campaign event will participate in virtual evangelism.


Training Information:

Topic: Operation Good News Evangelism Training

Time: Saturdays @ 10:30 AM

What will the Operation Good News Campaign Evangelism Training do for the Local Church?



Operation Good News is a team of committed, thoughtful Teachers who work together in the Lord’s harvest. We are servants who are called to the great commission in the world.




  • To stimulate global evangelism Operation Good News serves as a resource for the Angelos Biblical Institute.


  • We are here to cultivate evangelism opportunities for collaborative evangelistic missions in the world.




  • O.G.N provides key leadership in teaching and training churches for evangelism in the world.
  • O.G.N stimulates faith and service through learning in a cross-cultural environment.
  • O.G.N serves as a resource and networking location for Churches working to advance the kingdom of God on earth.




  • O.G.N will prepare you for the work of evangelism and missions.
  • O.G.N will prepare your church with evangelism.
  • O.G.N will prepare you to enter the harvest and win souls for the Kingdom of God.


Local Missions:

Every quarter the New Beginnings Church Family will participate in evangelism and missions in Fresno County. We will be serving in the following ways: 

1. Outreach feeding of the homeless

2. Preparing hygiene kits for the homeless

3. Prayer and door to door evangelism in Southeast Fresno

4. Every Neighborhood Partnership and Saturday Sports with the New Beginnings Youth department

5. The Titus II Mothers outreach at the convalescent home

If you would like more information on these four initiatives or if you are interested in serving with one of these teams, please contact the church office at (559) 452-1100.  Please be present and engage!





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