Church History

New Beginnings Church History
In June of 2005, Rev. Angulus Wilson was called to lead the New Beginnings Family Church of Birmingham Alabama. Under Pastor Wilson’s leadership NBFC would move onto the campus of Ridgecrest Baptist Church and begin to transition into a church of action.

With a partnership established at RBC, the two sister churches would embark on a grand endeavor to reach the lost and bring the good news of Jesus Christ to a dying and hurting world. But alas, God wasn’t through with NBFC. In March of 2006, talks began between Pastor Wilson and church leadership at Carson Road Baptist Church.

God opened another door for the church to partner up with saints who love the Lord and want to see Him lifted higher. In April, New Beginnings Family Church relocated to Carson Road Baptist Church to carry out the great commission and win more souls to Jesus Christ.

In November of 2006 Pastor Wilson was contacted by First Baptist midfield for a meeting to come and to see their property and to do a presentation on his ministry philosophy, vision and desires for new beginnings family church.

After the presentation First Baptist Church decided to not sale the property to new beginnings but to give it to them with all of the contents. First Baptist wanted to leave a legacy in the community and felt as if the Lord wanted them to do this through New Beginnings.

In December of 2006 a transitional service was held with First Baptist Church of Midfield and New Beginnings Family Church. Both congregations worshipped together for two Sundays. Numerous news articles and television cameras were on location to capture the historical event. Never in the history of the South had an all White Baptist congregation, gave an all Black Baptist congregation such a wonderful gift. We have a new home now in Midfield Alabama.
A New Era of Church Planting

God was doing a mighty work at New Beginnings Family Church. The Kingdom of God was on the move, and His people were pressing into it. In early January 2008, the church became pregnant with the thought of giving birth to other churches. New beginnings began to fast and pray about being a church planting congregation. As the desire began to grow in the body, the congregation began to plan and pray for the move of God.

She started training for missions and evangelism. Through her bible institute, she began to research where the next church might be planted. In May of 2008 the invitation of the Lord came from California. Pastor Angulus had previous contacts in Lemoore California. These contacts were wanting a Baptist Church to begin in California. The question was asked of Pastor Wilson, if he was ever were going to return to the Central valley, and if he did would he consider planting a Church. Shortly after this conversation Fresno Pacific University of Fresno California, called and requested for Pastor Wilson to return to the Valley and become their University Pastor.

After hearing the various calls from the same area, New Beginnings Birmingham began to sense that this call was from God. She believed that God had answered her prayers and had sent the location where God was at work and was inviting the Church to join God at work.

Pastor Wilson said good-bye to the Mother church, and installed Pastor Mark Spencer as the new Pastor of New Beginnings Birmingham. Pastor Wilson and Sister Wilson relocated to California to start the new daughter church-called New Beginnings Community Baptist Church.

The Second New beginning

In August of 2008 The Church began with an in home bible study in Lemoore California. For over four weeks Pastor taught on Wednesday evenings and preached in visiting churches on Sunday mornings. He began to notice that a small group of believers travelled and met with him in every place that he spoke. One Wednesday evening Pastor met with this group, and asked what Church they were members of, they responded that they were not in attendance anywhere, but were looking for a place to worship. Pastor Wilson said, “At that time I heard the voice of the Lord tell me, what are you waiting for?” He then spoke to them and said I will call you on Friday and tell you where we will meet for service on Sunday. The following Sunday New Beginnings met at Fresno Pacific University for her fist Sunday morning worship service.

At the conclusion of the sermon, 30 people came forth to become members of the church. Since that first Service in August 2008, we have met in several locations, to include the University, Roding Park, Styles and Company beauty Salon, the Sal Mosqueda community center, and shared space with several churches. We are currently ministering at 5089 E. McKinley, and the Lord is doing great and powerful things.

New beginnings is growing and on the move. Thank you for being a part of what God is doing in the earth. Our History is a rich one, we have a vision to plant churches across the world. All of them called New Beginnings, connecting with the same heart, mission and vision for the Kingdom of God.



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