Prayer Requests

Pray Without Ceasing

 1 Thessalonica 5:16-18
 "Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you” 
[The Greek word "without ceasing" means continuous action. Therefore, “praying without ceasing” means to pray continuously.]

How to pray without ceasing -- a heart attitude

  • How does one pray continually? We cannot always be on our knees. With the daily demands on our busy lives, we are fortunate to kneel in prayer even a few minutes each day. However, the context of this passage gives us a clue. This passage focuses on heart attitude. "Rejoice always" is an attitude of joyfulness. Giving thanks in everything also requires a mental attitude of thankfulness. How do we rejoice and give thanks? Through prayer! Therefore, effective prayer is a proper heart attitude: a mental outlook of joyful thanksgiving. It expresses itself throughout the day with silent prayers of vital communication with the LORD.

  • Maintaining a healthy relationship requires communication. Always be "on line" with God so when the Spirit moves you to pray, you can instantly agree with Him. The Holy Spirit prays for us with inexpressible groans (Romans 8:26). When in agreement with the Spirit, we are praying continuously. The heart attitude of praying without ceasing means an ever-open heart to the Lord’s leading.

  • If we are praying without ceasing -- even while driving, changing the baby, washing dishes, or running a lawn mower -- we can be open to the leading of the Spirit when He urges us to pray for something or someone. At that time, we can agree with God and make a mental note to add that concern to our later prayer time.

  • Praying without ceasing doesn’t take the place of time alone in prayer with God. However, it is a joyful experience to unite with the LORD who lays burdens on our hearts. We can't always stop and kneel, but our heart attitude can still be "praying without ceasing."
Praying without ceasing is sometimes really difficult when it seems like God is not answering

60 days of Prayer and fasting 

 for our Church

  1. Obedience and submission to the word of God
  2. To grow in grace and in the knowledge of God’s Holy word
  3. Pray for love to flourish in our church
  4. Pray for the body to be on one accord
  5. Pray for our singles to get spouses
  6. Pray for God to raise up workers in our church
  7. Pray for resources to support our Pastor
  8. Pray for evangelism and missions in surrounding cities
  9. Prayers for the harvest
  10. 10.Pray for a debt free ministry
  11. 11.Pray for the Lost in Fresno that God would draw them unto himself
  12. 12.Pray for our families to draw closer to God
  13. 13.Pray for wisdom to join God in where he is working
  14. 14.Pray for the ability to train leaders to evangelize
  15. 15.Pray for financial resources to create evangelistic programs and events.


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