Corporate Prayer List

Corporate Prayer List for the week of September 6, 2017

Matthew 21:22 And All things, whatsoever, ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.

1.Pray for those effected by the hurricane and lost their homes.
2. Pray that we seek God's direction in our lives.
3. Pray for Christian discipleship to prosper in our church.
4. Pray that we not grow weary in service of the Lord.
5. Pray for the President to make the best decisions for our country.
6. Pray for peace and love in our families and homes.
7. Pray for safety for all those fighting the fires in California.
8. Pray that our walk is towards God in a hunger after God.
9. Pray for parents to raise Christian children in a godly home.
10. Pray for blessings for Pastor Wilson and sister Sharon.


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