Corporate Prayer List

Corporate Prayer List for week of 09/21 to 09/28

Matthew 21:22

And all things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.


1. Pray for our brothers and sisters in China that are being persecuted.
2. Pray for the harvest fest that people’s lives be changed.
3. Pray that we obey Gods command when he calls us to do ministry.
4. Pray that we stay in the Word so that our spirit may increase.
5. Pray for Godly wisdom when doing ministry.
6. Pray that we do ministry with a pure heart.
7. Pray that we live a life that reflects Jesus.
8. Pray giving thanks to God for being a great provider.
9. Pray for the peace of God to fall on the world.
10. Pray for Pastor and Sister Wilson and the boys for God to keep them protected.


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