Corporate Prayer List

Corporate Prayer List for August 29, 2016

Ephesians 2:19
So you are no longer outsiders and strangers. You are citizens together with God’s people. You are also members of God’s family.

1. Pray for us to stay strong in the ministry that God had placed us in.
2. Pray for super Saturday.
3. Pray that the members of NBCBC be obedient to the word of God.
4. Pray for the children of NBCBC for protection from the evil one.
5. Pray for lost souls around the world.
6. Pray for the power to be good witnesses in this fallen world.
7. Pray that we be willing to serve those that mistreat us.
8. Pray for the leaders of this country.
9. Pray for peace in the world.
10. Pray for Pastor and Sister Wilson for strength, peace and rest.



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