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Corporate Prayer List August 20, 2017

Psalm 121:7
“The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil: He shall preserve thy soul.”
1. Pray for our church members who are in service of the Lord.
2. Pray that we delight ourselves in the words of the Lord.
3. Pray that we stand in union with the goals of our pastor.
4. Pray that we remember to start our day in prayer to the most high .
5. Pray for our leaders to be lead of God in wisdom.
6. Pray for the victims and family of the terrorist attacks in Barcelona.
7. Pray that we open our eyes unto those in the world that need us to show them the gospel.
8.Pray for unity of spirit with church members.
9. Pray that we reach out to save one person a week.
10. Pray for our Pastor and Alex Wilson in Hawaii.




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