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15 Lessons in Acts

As modern day missionaries, we too must rely on God as he sends us into new places to proclaim the kingdom of God. God will lead us and direct where to go, and when we get there he will open doors for us to proclaim his word. ...

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"Living with the Enemy"

Introduction: There are three things in life that the child of God just should not do. One of those things is to make an allegiance with the enemy of their souls, the flesh or the world! The second is to relocate into enemy territory and try to blend in and fit in where you were never designed to be. The third thing is to live a lie and mistreat others so that y...

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"The Chronicles of David [Part 5]--“Serving in a Difficult Ministry (Part 2)"

Introduction: Persecution and trouble is a common theme in the life of the person called by God to do ministry in the earth. If you are going to follow God and serve people you will definitely have your share of dealing with, difficulty in ministry. In our text today we see just how evil a person can be when they are trying to get rid of somebody or trying to do harm...

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"A Kid that God Could Use" {Key Lessons for Parenting}

Introduction: Today’s text is one of those narrative’s that brings you joy and sadness. It brings joy because God has chosen to reveal himself to an unlikely person. It brings sadness because one of Gods servants has brought calamity upon his household by failing to obey the word of the Lord. On last week we discuss what happens when a parent refuses to restrain thei...

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"When the Preachers Kids Go Bad"

Introduction: One of the most scariest stories in all of the scripture is found right here in this text today. The story of the preachers kids who get wild, destructive and anti-god. They cause havoc in the temple, destruction to the ministry and they bring the wrath of God down upon the servant of God. They do this because the servant of God doesn't have the discipline...

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"There is Power in the Name of Jesus"

Introduction: Sometimes I am amazed at the level of suffering that God allows His people to endure and live with. It’s hard to get my head around why a good and Loving God doesn’t just remove the suffering of His people. Sometimes I wish He would not allow good people to endure horrible things. Sometimes I desire to rid the world of suffering and hea...

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"A Man Sent from God"

There was complete silence in heaven; God had not said a word to mankind. There was 400 years of silence, no prophets, no proclamation, no demonstration of HIS power and no miracles to point man to himself. God was silent. From the closing of the ministry of Malachi to the opening on the New Testament, Heaven did not say a word. The office of the priesthood was in order; ...

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"A new ministry for the City"

Today’s text and occasion brings us to a classic reminder of the power of God and the work and the mandate of the church in a dark and dying world. Persecution had forced the church to disperse and to carry the gospel to the ends of the earth. The early church was sent to places where people didn’t like them, where people were different from them, where t...

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