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“Called, Commissioned and Confronted”

Introduction: The Spirit of God was on the move… The church began in Jerusalem, and then spread to other cities, including Samaria, Damascus, Caesarea, and Antioch in Syria. At least forty different cities are named in Acts. According to the scriptures…it was from Antioch, that Paul and his helpers carried the Gospel throughout the then-known world. In fact, t...

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"A Soldier that God can Use" [Part 1]

Introduction: It’s clear from our journey through the book of Acts that the Holy Spirit is at work drawing people, saving people and using people to do His work in the earth. This book is all about what God was doing in His own Great Commission Plan. I am happy about this because it reveals to me that the work of evangelism and discipleship is the work of the S...

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"God's Ministry for Ananias"

Introduction: At the time of this text ministry has taken off for the church of Jesus Christ. The saints have been scattered across Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria and into the utter-most parts of the earth. God was on the move. He was also saving unlikely candidates and calling them into this service. Saul the Christian killer had just been apprehended by God, while on ...

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"Proof of being Born Again" [Part One]

Introduction: Every child of God that has ever been born again has gone from being one thing to being something else. The child of God has an old story and a new story that has been assigned to them. The day that they say yes to Jesus Christ, is the day that they have evidence of being a new creation in Christ. When we have proof of being born again, there is evid...

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"When Saul Met Jesus"

Introduction: Persecution was alive and well in the first century church. The church was scattered to Samaria, Judea and to further Parts of the earth. Havoc was spreading rapidly. God had raised up a man named Saul to use for his purpose. One of the most unlikely candidates for salvation is found in this story today. He is a murderer, an enemy of the church, and...

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"Two Servants that God Could Use"

Introduction: The work of the Kingdom was now on the move! The Samaritans had received the gospel and the church of Samaria was born. Peter and John had come and proclaimed the good news and have witnessed to the work that Phillip had begun. The bible says that they (all 3 of them) went through all of Samaria proclaiming the good news. And then, a new assignment came...

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"A Ministry for the City" Part 2

Introduction: The last time we were here we saw the power of Gospel at work in Samaria! The spread of the gospel to this location meant that there was a new ministry for the City. Christians were added to the family of Jesus Christ. The work of the ministry had taken off and God was moving just like he promised he would. A new church was born in Samaria, and just ...

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