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"Three Mandates in Worship"

Introduction: When it comes to worshipping God, this passage today gives us a great picture to look at. There is no greater text in all of the New Testament to express the passion of worship. This family located in Bethany is a good example for the church looking to be true worshippers in the same house! Every now and then we meet somebody in scripture who has had an...

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"A Strategy for Dealing with your Enemy"

Introduction Every child of God will have an enemy that he or she will have to encounter in this fallen world. Learning how to deal with them is the most cru-cial thing a believer can do on this journey....

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"When Saul Disobeyed the Lord"

Introduction: One of the saddest events in scripture is in our text written for us today. Saul the King of Israel has finally committed a sin so grievous that his consequences cannot be delayed. Our text today is the kind of text that is sobering and monumental and must not be ignored by the child of God. After reading this passage we should conclude that God says what ...

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"What Happened when Jesus came to Church"

Introduction: In today’s lesson we see a divine picture of what happened when Jesus came to church. The bible is clear that when the Master entered the synagogue (the place of gathering) on the day of rest (the Sabbath day) HE had an agenda for being there. Jesus had come down from heaven to teach his people the mystery of the KINGDOM. (The Kingdom of God had come...

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"How to Encourage Yourself in the Lord"

Introduction: There are some troubles in life that will come to break the child of God. When these type of dangers attack us, the believer needs to know what to do and how to do it. It’s evident in this text today that David had been caught in one of life’s most trying situations, and he didn't have anyone on his side to encourage him in the Lord. David in-spi...

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"The Consequences of Disobedience"

Introduction One of the hardest things to preach about is the consequences of disobedience. However, it is also one of the most common experiences in the life of the child of God. Everybody has experienced it, tasted it, felt it and has endured it at some time on their journey in life. ...

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