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"A Savior for the City"

Introduction: Every now and then we run across one of those passages where it is obvious that God is at work. In these types of passages there seems to always be a theme of salvation and obedience for the one who seeks to do Gods will. Today we get to see a City that was under siege from a hostile enemy who was wreaking havoc causing major problems and in total control...

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The Chronicles of David [Part10]--"Persecution in the Ministry"

Introduction: On last week we read where David was running for his life from his king. When others who were distressed, discontented, and in debt heard of his plight they came and gave him their support to him. [His family and 400 hundred men] David was in the midst of warfare, and as the new anointed King, the fallen king was enraged against him and sought to destro...

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The Chronicles of David [Part 9]--"When God Encouraged His Heart"

Introduction When we come to today’s text we get to see David the man on the move. He is still running for his life and seeking to find a place where he could be free from Saul. On last week we saw what fear will make you do! David played the role of a mad man to try and escape the hands of his enemies. God was faithful and allowed them to release David to leave th...

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