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The Chronicles of David [Part 8]--"What Fear Will Make You Do"

Introduction One of the greatest enemies to the child of God, is the enemy called Fear. Fear will make the believer act out of character, misbehave, not trust God, make decisions that are not godly and most of all run from what the Lord has called them to do. Fear has been known to cause some people to quit serving the lord, quit trusting the lord and quit believing in...

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The Chronicles of David [Part.7]--"A Pivotal Moment in the Ministry"

Introduction It is no secret to you that life is filled with pivotal moments. Moments that change your direction from going one way into another. Pivotal moments happen when we least expect them. What makes them pivotal are that they come to make us change when we are most-unsure about change and or lease likely to think about change. Pivotal moments are game chan...

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"I have a Dream"

"I Have a Dream" The Ministry for the Church 1. To disseminate the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Word of God to evangelize people and conform believers to the image of Jesus Christ 2. To provide basic New Testament discipleship to all who accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. (Acts 6:7; 11:26, 14:20-23) 3. To establish and maintain a Church and to pro...

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The Chronicles of David [Part. 6]--"With Trouble in the Ministry who can you trust?"

Introduction There is evidence in this chapter that suggest that ministry to some people is just hard to do. Sometimes in life God brings you to people to serve who just have it in for you, and desire to see you fail. In this case David was called by God to be the new king in Israel, because Saul had failed to obey God. In the process of becoming King the Lord allowed fo...

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