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"How to Cultivate the Elements of Revival" [Part 2]

Introduction: When we come to this text today we come reflecting on what God is doing in the life of Israel. Last week we saw Him preparing them for revival and renewal. The country began to lament before God because of their sins, and twenty years has passed since their last attack by the Philistines. However, God was not through with Israel He yet desired something m...

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"How to Cultivate the Elements of Revival" [Part 1]

Introduction: One of the greatest needs in the life of the believer, is the need to be revived. Sometimes as we journey with Christ every now and then, we tend to get carnal, lazy, comfortable, rebellious, hard to get along with and even disobedient. These seasons make us dull and over familiar with the things of God. When this happens what we need is revival. When r...

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"The Return of the Ark"[God's Unfinished Business]

Introduction: As we come back to our text today we discover that God is on the move again. The philistines have gotten a glimpse of His power but they have refused to follow and make Him their God above all other Gods. They have experienced His calamity as a result of rejecting him, but have also determined that they want nothing to do with him. So they devised a plan ...

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"The Philistines Meet Yahweh"

Introduction: As we come to this narrative and try to understand what God is doing, we first of all must identify that there is no body like our God. He is all powerful, He is almighty, and He is Holy. There are no other gods in the Universe that can compare with the true and living God. We must always remember that there is only ONE TRUE God in Heaven and Earth, and Yah...

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"A Miracle for Tammi"

Introduction: One of the hardest things to do in life is to live in a difficult time when disappointed and discouragement has let you down. When a person has been let down by life’s circumstances the only thing that can uplift them is the good news that a change is going to come. When you find out that things are going to get better, you instantly get inspired to hol...

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