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"Trouble, Trials and Tribulation in Israel"

Introduction: There is a sad commentary in this text today. We see the priest family lead the nation into battle only to lose the most sacred thing that the people had…The Ark of the Covenant. Their enemies were treacherous, they could not seem to defeat them. Israel lived in fear of the Philistines, and God allowed them to get victory over their lives. This text look...

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"A Kid that God Could Use" {Key Lessons for Parenting}

Introduction: Today’s text is one of those narrative’s that brings you joy and sadness. It brings joy because God has chosen to reveal himself to an unlikely person. It brings sadness because one of Gods servants has brought calamity upon his household by failing to obey the word of the Lord. On last week we discuss what happens when a parent refuses to restrain thei...

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"When the Preachers Kids Go Bad"

Introduction: One of the most scariest stories in all of the scripture is found right here in this text today. The story of the preachers kids who get wild, destructive and anti-god. They cause havoc in the temple, destruction to the ministry and they bring the wrath of God down upon the servant of God. They do this because the servant of God doesn't have the discipline...

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