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The Chronicles of Saul--“How fearful-disobedience messed up his ministry”

Introduction: Have you ever been afraid of Fear? Has God ever called you to do something for him and Fear stopped you from obeying? Fear is a horrible enemy, and it is a major dilemma in the life of the child of God! Fear not only effects the non-believer but it also cripples the believer! Today we will examine Saul's life and what happened to his ministry when f...

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The Chronicles of Saul--"Samuel’s Address at Saul’s Coronation" [THE BITTER - SWEET NEWS] [Part 3]

Introduction: Today’s message is a bitter ...

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The Chronicles of Saul--"Strait out of Gibeah" [Part 2]

Introduction: At the time of our text today, Israel wanted a king with an attitude. They wanted a leader who would throw-down with the kings in the region. They wanted somebody who would represent them on the battle field. Somebody who would handle their enemies if they ever got out of line. They wanted a tall king, a king with an edge to his walk, talk and postur...

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