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"A Ministry for the City" Part 2

Introduction: The last time we were here we saw the power of Gospel at work in Samaria! The spread of the gospel to this location meant that there was a new ministry for the City. Christians were added to the family of Jesus Christ. The work of the ministry had taken off and God was moving just like he promised he would. A new church was born in Samaria, and just ...

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"A Man Sent from God"

There was complete silence in heaven; God had not said a word to mankind. There was 400 years of silence, no prophets, no proclamation, no demonstration of HIS power and no miracles to point man to himself. God was silent. From the closing of the ministry of Malachi to the opening on the New Testament, Heaven did not say a word. The office of the priesthood was in order; ...

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"A new ministry for the City"

Today’s text and occasion brings us to a classic reminder of the power of God and the work and the mandate of the church in a dark and dying world. Persecution had forced the church to disperse and to carry the gospel to the ends of the earth. The early church was sent to places where people didn’t like them, where people were different from them, where t...

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Introduction: This chapter records the longest single speech in the Book of Acts as well as the turning point in Israel’s spiritual history. It records the nation’s third important murder (John the Baptist, Christ, and now Stephen) and their final rejection of the message of salvation. In his sermon, Stephen reviewed the history of Israel and pointed o...

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