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A Father that God could Use

It is a true saying that God is looking for Men that he can use in the earth! For it is in the plan of God, to make men Fathers. We see this plan unfolding in the great book of Genesis. In Genesis, we have a lineage of fatherhood. We know from the record, that Adam was God’s first man, made in his image, and from Adam we got numerous Fathers! This raises the q...

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Give Me the Mountain

12 Now therefore, give me this mountain of which the LORD spoke in that day; for you heard in that day how the Anakim were there, and that the cities were great and fortified. It may be that the LORD will be with me, and I shall be able to drive them out as the LORD said." One of the saddest things in the church is a lack of biblical men. (Men that God could Use) Biblic...

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The Right Kind of Shepherd

If there was ever a need in life, that mankind had, it is the need to have a good shepherd. A good shepherd has the ability to watch over his sheep, provide for his sheep, lead and guide his sheep and most of all protect his sheep. There is a strong contrast in this text today. It is one that illustrates what the difference is between a good shepherd and a Hired-hand. J...

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Persecution and Problems in Ministry

The gospel is always good news to those who have never heard it preached before. The gospel has drawing power and driving power. It will draw those who are seeking for God and drive those who don’t really want the God of the bible. The gospel is always good news to those who have never heard it preached before. The gospel has drawing power and driving power. It w...

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The Power and Influence of the Church

As we come to our text today we see the power and Influence that the early church had on its community. A Friend in my library commenting on this text said Brother Wilson… “We have learned that the Spirit-filled church in this passage is three things… She is unified She is magnified And she is multiplied. Because of Her power and influen...

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Trouble, Trials and Tribulation

One of the coldest things in the world is the fact that everyone born on the planet will one day encounter trouble of some kind. Life’s trials and tribulations have a way of finding your address. I don’t care if you are good, rich, honest, successful or happy. If you just keep living, trouble will find your location and draw misery your way. The Christian has...

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When the Preachers got in Trouble for Serving God (Part 1)

A friend and I were having a chat this week and we were discussing this text and how it profoundly shaped the first century church. My friend suggested that; “After Pentecost, the message of the resurrection of Jesus Christ spread rapidly in Jerusalem and three amazing things happened; Spirit-empowered witnesses shared the Gospel with the lost. Signs and won...

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Missionaries needed in Antioch

The gospel was spreading because of persecution. Trouble was used by God to push HIS people into the world. As they fled for their lives, they proclaimed the good news of Jesus in other cities. When Jerusalem heard about the growth they sent one of the strong & mature saints to check on the new work that had spread throughout the region. Barnabas was sent to examine the...

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When the Preachers got in Trouble for Serving God (Part 2)

The last time that we were here, we saw what happened to apostles for preaching Christ. They were all arrested and thrown in Jail, by the chief priest and the religious sect called the Sadducees. They were arrested because the word had gone out that they were conducting miracles Giving sight to the blind, casting out demons, healing the wounded and the sick) and that th...

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