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gather. grow. go.

Our mission is simiple. We Gather together in Christian love, where everyone is welcomed and invited to share in the ministry of worshipping our Savior. We Grow together by participating in weekly Bible studies across the city of Fresno. Finally, we Go by taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost world, starting in our local community to international continents abroad. Join us, as we share in the work and great commission of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

A Window To Look Through At NBCBC we’re all about Jesus — and the only way to get to know Jesus is to begin with what He said about Himself. That is why we gather every week to pray to Jesus, sing about Jesus, and to hear teaching from the Bible about how God is accomplishing His plan. Hear Pastor Angulus D. Wilson as he gives you this week's Window to Look Through.

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Another Dimension of Discipleship

Introduction: It's the last year of Jesus earthly ministry, his very last four days before Calvary. Jesus is at the Mt. of Olives, His secret prayer grounds. It is from his secret place that He gives divine instructions to his disciples to do something that will elevate his name in the earth, and cause others to know him and praise his name. This text rings with the importance of next level ministry. It reveals how important it is to understand “another dimension in discipleship”… we should all be striving to have a heart of service and worship for our soon coming King. Inside of this passage we are going to see humanity worship Christ like they never had in the gospels before. My sermon aim this morning is that the New beginnings Church would understand what the Lord wants of us as we journey on earth and what the lord requires of us as we do life together in His Church. I have three points to share with you , and they are as follows: 1. The Disciples Assignment 2. The Disciples Ability 3. The Disciples Authority It's my prayer that we can glean from this text today as we head into holy week, and as we encounter our Savior, that our worship might be for real.

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"Don't Give Up on Lot"

Introduction: What God said about Sodom in Genesis 18 was true. The people of this city were corrupt and evil to the core. There was no way God could any longer look the other way on their wickedness. When God sent the Angels to visit this place it was time to destroy it. They (The Angels) were to look for ‘ten righteous people’in the City. Abraham in an attempt to save his Nephew Lot had asked God to spare the city if He could find some people there who were righteous. There are three warnings and three lessons within this lesson today, they are as follows; There is a danger in flirting with sin. There are consequences for dwelling among the wicked. There is an internal spiritual-conflict when the believer practices Sin. For the sake of our exegetical journey I want to identify 3 landmarks of interest for our learning-- Lot’s Position, Lot’s Problem and Lot’s Protection.

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